4928.04 Additional competitive services.

(A) The public utilities commission by order may declare that retail ancillary, metering, or billing and collection service supplied to consumers within the certified territory of an electric utility on or after the starting date of competitive retail electric service is a competitive retail electric service that the consumers may obtain from any supplier or suppliers subject to this chapter. The commission may issue such order, after investigation and public hearing, only if it first determines either of the following:

(1) There will be effective competition with respect to the service.

(2) The customers of the service have reasonably available alternatives. The commission shall initiate a proceeding on or before March 31, 2003, on the question of the desirability, feasibility, and timing of any such competition.

(B) In carrying out division (A) of this section, the commission may prescribe different classifications, procedures, terms, or conditions for different electric utilities and for the retail electric services they provide that are declared competitive pursuant to that division, provided the classifications, procedures, terms, or conditions are reasonable and do not confer any undue economic, competitive, or market advantage or preference upon any electric utility.

Effective Date: 10-05-1999 .