Lawriter - OAC - 102-5-01 Definitions.

102-5-01 Definitions.

For purposes of Chapter 102-5 of the Administrative Code:

(A) "Assistant director" means an individual appointed by the director, and who acts as director in the absence or disability of the director, and acts as director when the position of director is vacant.

(B) "Chief administrative or executive officer" means an executive director, executive secretary, general manager, president, administrator, or other chief administrative or executive officer.

(C) "Commercial delivery service" means any delivery company that is incorporated in the state of Ohio or holds a certificate of compliance authorizing it to do business in this state and that maintains records of shipping and delivery dates.

(D) "Deputy director" means an individual who serves in a position below that of director and any assistant director, and above the position of division chief.

(E) "Director" means the administrative head of a state department who directs, supervises, and controls the officers and divisions of the department.

(F) "Division chief" means an individual who serves as head of a division or other part of a department established for the convenient performance of one or more of the functions committed to a department.

(G) "Entity" includes a board, commission, agency, institution, council, or other instrumentality of the state.

(H) "Filer" means any person who has filed, or is required to file, a financial disclosure statement with the Ohio ethics commission.

(I) "Person of equivalent rank" means any person who holds a position that is equivalent in rank to the positions of director, assistant director, deputy director, and division chief, as defined in paragraphs (A), (D), (E), and (F) of this rule.

(J) "Voluntary filer" means a person who is not required by division (A) or (B) of section 102.02 of the Revised Code to file a financial disclosure statement, and chooses to voluntarily file a statement with the commission that comports with the requirements of division (A) of section 102.02 of the Revised Code.

Effective: 2/11/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 10/20/2016 and 01/31/2022
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 102.05
Rule Amplifies: 102.02, 102.022, 102.07
Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/02