109:2 Peace Officer Training Commission

Chapter 109:2-1 Basic Training Program.

Chapter 109:2-3 Private Basic Course Training Program.

Chapter 109:2-4 Outside Employment Policy.

Chapter 109:2-5 Basic Course Training Program for Bailiffs and Deputy Bailiffs.

Chapter 109:2-6 Basic Course Training Program for Criminal Investigators Employed by State Public Defender.

Chapter 109:2-7 Law Enforcement Canine Units and Evaluators.

Chapter 109:2-9 Corrections Training for Jail Personnel.

Chapter 109:2-11 Jail Training Program for Five Day Facilities.

Chapter 109:2-13 Firearms Re-qualifications Program.

Chapter 109:2-15 Humane Agent Training Course.

Chapter 109:2-17 Concealed Handgun License.

Chapter 109:2-18 Continuing Professional Training for Peace Officers and Troopers.