109:4-5-05 Continuing obligations of qualified boards.

(A) A qualified board shall promptly inform the attorney general of any changes in the information submitted in its application pursuant to paragraph (B) of rule 109:4-5-02 or paragraph (D) of rule 109:4-5-04 of the Administrative Code and supply copies of such changes or requisite information.

(B) A qualified board shall submit annually, to the attorney general, copies of the annual audit required by paragraph (E) of rule 109:4-4-04 of the Administrative Code, and, semiannually, the statistics required to be compiled under paragraphs (D)(5) and (D)(6) of rule 109:4-4-04 of the Administrative Code.

(C) A qualified board shall supply for review, upon request of the attorney general, any additional statistics, records or documents which must be compiled or prepared pursuant to rule 109:4-4-04 of the Administrative Code.

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