Lawriter - OAC - 109:4-5-04 Provisionally qualified boards.

109:4-5-04 Provisionally qualified boards.

(A) Provisional qualification shall be available only for those boards which have not conducted sufficient operations in Ohio under the terms of the act and Chapter 109:4-4 of the Administrative Code, prior to submitting an application, so as to permit the submission of a complete application.

(B) Applicants for provisional qualification shall complete as much of the application as possible, supplementing Ohio information and records with comparable documents and statistics from one or more other states, if available.

(C) All applicants for provisional qualification shall clearly so state on the face of the application.

(D) In the event provisional qualification is granted, it shall continue for a period of one year. Following nine months of operation as a provisionally qualified board, such board shall update its original application with the statistics and materials required in an application under this chapter, reflecting the nine-month operating period, to reapply for approval as a qualified board.

(E) After review of the application as provided in paragraph (A) of rule 109:4-5-03 of the Administrative Code, the attorney general shall announce a decision in the same manner as provided for in rule 109:4-5-03 of the Administrative Code.

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