Lawriter - OAC - 109:9-1-01 Sweepstakes registration.

109:9-1-01 Sweepstakes registration.

(A) Each person that desires to conduct a sweepstakes shall submit an application for registration with the attorney general. Such application shall be on forms provided by the attorney general.

(1) Each natural person filer is required to submit the following information:

(a) Information establishing the person's identity including names, aliases, date of birth, driver's license number, citizenship, military service and physical descriptions;

(b) A current photograph;

(c) Contact information including addresses, telephone numbers, place of employment and electronic mail addresses;

(d) Information pertaining to the person's criminal history including arrests, charges, and convictions;

(e) Information pertaining to the person's other licenses or permits issued by a federal, state or local official;

(f) Employment history; and

(g) Information pertaining to bankruptcy filings, insolvency, garnishments, attachments, financial liens or judgments, and lawsuits;

(2) Each non-natural person filer, including corporations, trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies and associations, is required to submit the following information;

(a) Information establishing the business location and contact information including addresses, telephone numbers and identification numbers;

(b) Information establishing the organizational status of the applicant including articles of incorporation, by-laws, trust governing documents, constitutions, or other governing instruments;

(c) Information pertaining to principals responsible for the organization including contact information;

(d) Information pertaining to past business names and enterprises of the applicant;

(e) Information reflecting the applicant's corporate structure including parents, intermediaries, subsidiaries, affiliates or other business entities;

(f) Information regarding financial services, investments, contracts and business-related agreements;

(g) Information as to the applicant's other permits, licenses or registrations with federal, state or local officials;

(h) An applicant's compliance with federal, state and local laws and ordinances;

(i) An applicant and its principal's criminal history;

(j) Information concerning bankruptcy, insolvency, tax non-compliance, and lawsuits;

(k) Information detailing an applicant's financial solvency including audit reports and financial statements;

(l) Description of all sweepstakes terminal devices and sweepstakes games; and

(m) Information concerning the manufacturers, distributors, and vendors of sweepstakes terminal devices utilized by the applicant.

(B) Each applicant for a sweepstakes registration shall cooperate with the attorney general's review of the application and submit any additional information as requested by the attorney general.

(C) Each applicant for a sweepstakes registration shall remit a registration fee of two hundred dollars to the attorney general at the time the application is submitted. No application will be processed until the registration fee has been received by the attorney general.

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Effective: 01/23/2014
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