109:9-1-02 Application for certificate of compliance.

(A) A person may submit an application for a certificate of compliance that the person is not operating a sweepstakes terminal device facility. The application shall be on a form prescribed by the attorney general and shall require the following information:

(1) Information pertaining to the applicant including business organization and structure, principal(s), locations, contact information, and identification numbers;

(2) Information pertaining to the business purpose of the applicant or the applicant's business;

(3) The number of sweepstakes terminal devices and their location within the applicant's location;

(4) Descriptions of the types of games, rules for play, notification of winnings, types of prizes, method of participation and advertisements; and

(5) Information pertaining to the manufacturer, distributor and vendors of sweepstakes terminal devices expected to be utilized by the applicant.

(B) The filing fee for an application is two hundred fifty dollars and shall be remitted to the attorney general at the time of filing the application. An application will not be processed until the applicable filing fee has been received.

(C) In the event that the attorney general incurs investigative costs in excess of two hundred fifty dollars, the attorney general may assess additional costs of investigation to an applicant. Any additional cost shall not exceed two hundred fifty dollars. The attorney general will not issue a certificate of compliance until any additional costs assessed under this paragraph have been received.

(D) A certificate of compliance shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance. A person may reapply for a certificate of compliance in each year in which the person intends to conduct sweepstakes.

(E) If a person has more than one business location where sweepstakes are conducted, a person may file a consolidated application for a certificate of compliance on a form prescribed by the attorney general.

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