111 Secretary of State

Chapter 111-1 Political Campaign Finances and Committees; Reporting Requirements

Chapter 111-3 Candidate Expenditures

Chapter 111-4 Political Action Committees (PAC's)

Chapter 111-5 Statement of Campaign Receipts and Expenditures

Chapter 111-6 Electronic Filing

Chapter 111-7 Public Notice of Adoption, Amendment, or Rescission of Rules; Confidential Personal Information

Chapter 111-8 Filings by Non-Resident Aliens

Chapter 111-9 Expedited Filings

Chapter 111-10 Voter Registration Assistance Plan

Chapter 111-11 UCC Filings, Fees, and Records

Chapter 111-12 Online Training Program for Voter Registration

Chapter 111-13 Compensating Precinct Officials

Chapter 111-14 Directives Regarding Conduct of Elections

Chapter 111-15 Statistics Indicating Social Conditions

Chapter 111-16 Financial Assistance to Counties

Chapter 111-17 Polling Place Location Change

Chapter 111-18 Statewide Voter Registration Database

Chapter 111-19 Electronic Transmission of New and Changed Registration Information

Chapter 111-20 Secretary of State Advisory Board

Chapter 111-21 Electronic Filing

Chapter 111-22 Official Oversight of Board of Elections