111:3-4-01 Enhancements and significant adjustments; duties.

(A) The vendor shall notify the secretary of state of enhancements and significant adjustments to equipment that could result in the following:

(1) A patent change;

(2) A copyright change;

(3) A significant alteration in the following:

(a) The method of recording voter intent;

(b) Voter privacy;

(c) Retention of the vote;

(d) Communication of voting records;

(e) Connections between the systems and other systems.

(B) Notice may be accomplished by contacting:

"Board of Voting Machine Examiners c/o Office of the Secretary of State 180 East Broad Street - 15 th floor Columbus, Ohio 43215 Phone: (614) 466-2585 Fax: (614) 752-4360"

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