111-11-64 Search responses.

Reports created in response to a search request shall include the following.

(A) Filing officer. Identification of the filing officer and the certification of the filing officer required by law.

(B) Report date. The date the report was generated.

(C) Name searched. Identification of the name searched.

(D) Certification date. The certification date and time for which the search is effective.

(E) Identification of initial financing statements. Identification of each unlapsed initial financing statement filed on or prior to the certification date and time corresponding to the search criteria, by name of debtor, by identification number, and by file date and file time.

(F) History of financing statement. For each initial financing statement on the report, a listing of all related UCC records filed by the filing officer on or prior to the certification date.

(G) Copies. Copies of all UCC records revealed by the search and requested by the searcher.

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