Chapter 111-15 Statistics Indicating Social Conditions

111-15-01 Website access to statistics as indicators of social conditions of the state and annual report.

(A) The secretary of state shall maintain as part of his or her official state website access to the information and statistics obtained in furtherance of the duties set forth in sections 3501.05, 111.13 and 111.14 of the Revised Code.

(B) Such information and statistics may include data in addition to that set forth in sections 3501.05, 111.13 and 111.14 of the Revised Code, but shall, at a minimum, include data that reasonably impacts the assessment of the social health and quality of life for individuals in Ohio and that allows for reasonable comparison of such data with similar data from other states or regions of the United States and nationally. The purpose of maintaining such information and statistics as set forth in this division is to facilitate the comparison of data and to facilitate the assessment of improvements or changes in the social conditions of the state, and when practicable, of a county or other region of the state.

(C) Such information and statistics shall be offered by year, with at least annual data from each office and data source, beginning with the calendar year of 2001.

(D) Such information and statistics shall be presented on the secretary of state's website in a manner that allows citizens to download the information in a spreadsheet format for further research and analysis. Other formats may be offered in addition to the spreadsheet format.

(E) At least annually, the secretary of state shall convene a meeting of a cross-section of individuals and organizations in Ohio to evaluate and make recommendations to the secretary of state about the data and its use as indicators and measures of the social conditions in the state. Taking into consideration such recommendations, the secretary of state shall make public an annual report available on his or her website on the social conditions in the state. In preparing this report and prior to its release, the secretary of state shall also obtain the assistance of one or more institutions of higher education in Ohio to validate or confirm the methodology for measuring and reporting on the social conditions in the state. For the purposes of this rule, "social conditions" includes but is not limited to data relating to seven general areas of social well-being: civic and government participation, including voting, economic influences or conditions, education, family, health, public safety and natural resources.

Effective: 11/29/2010
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 07/01/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 111.13, 111.14, 3501.05
Rule Amplifies: 111.13, 111.14, 3501.05