120-1-17 Reimbursement for experts or transcripts.

The county may seek reimbursement for the costs of experts, interpreters, and transcripts requested by the defense by submitting such invoices on forms prescribed by the Ohio public defender. Expert and interpreter fees will be reimbursed only when the expert or interpreter is answerable only to defense counsel. To qualify for reimbursement, requests for experts must be held ex parte if so requested in writing by defense counsel. Transcript expenses will be reimbursed only when the transcript is produced for use by defense counsel at trial, on appeal, or in post-conviction proceedings. Reimbursement will not be made if these costs are presented through the attorney's bill for services.

Effective: 12/1/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 06/22/2015 and 12/01/2020
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: R.C. 120.03(B)
Rule Amplifies: R.C. 120.03(B) , R.C. 120.04(B)(3), R.C. 120.18(A), R.C. 120.28(A), R.C. 120.33(A)(4)
Prior Effective Dates: 10/9/09