123:2-3-03 Implementation of affirmative action programs.

(A) Contractors' and subcontractors' ratio of utilization work hours shall remain substantially uniform for all jobs and trades, during the performance of the state contract.

(B) Contractors and subcontractors are prohibited from transferring minority and/or women employees from contractor to contractor for the sole purpose of meeting the contractor's or the subcontractor's utilization work hour goals.

(C) Contractors and subcontractors must keep all records and file all reports, including minority and women utilization work hour reports, as required by the director of administrative services.

(D) Contractors and subcontractors are prohibited from using an affirmative action program to discriminate against any person on account of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

(E) A contractor's or subcontractor's failure to adopt the state's affirmative action program or submit an acceptable affirmative action program shall result in the contractor or subcontractor being found to be not responsive.

(F) A contractor's or subcontractor's failure to submit monthly utilization work hour reports shall be a basis for invoking any of the sanctions set forth in rule 123:2-7-01 of the Administrative Code.

(G) This rule is applicable to the implementation of all affirmative action programs.

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Eff 6-9-75; 9-9-95
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03 review dates: 3/1/2002
Rule authorized by: Executive Order of 1/27/72 and The Black Elected Democrats of Ohio, et al. v. Richard F. Celeste, Governor, the State of Ohio, et al. (3/18/88), S.D. Ohio No. C2-82-1198, unreported
Rule amplifies: RC 153.08, 153.59
Replaces: Part of Former 123:2-3-01