Chapter 123:2-9 Monthly Reports

123:2-9-01 Monthly utilization work hour reports.

Contractors and subcontractors shall provide monthly utilization work hour reports for the contractor's or subcontractor's total workforce within the state of Ohio to the compliance officer of the contracting agency. The report must be filed by the tenth day of each month, beginning with the contract award and continuing until the contractor or subcontractor completes performance of the contract. A contractor's or subcontractor's failure to submit a monthly utilization work hour report shall be a basis for invoking any of the sanctions set forth in rule 123:2-7-01 of the Administrative Code.

Eff 6-9-75; 11-9-80; 9-9-95
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03 review dates: 3/1/2002
Rule authorized by: Executive Order of 1/27/72 and The Black Elected Democrats of Ohio, et al. v. Richard F. Celeste, Governor, the State of Ohio, et al. (3/18/88), S.D. Ohio No. C2-82-1198, unreported.
Rule amplifies: RC 126.021, 153.59
Replaces: Part of 123:2-9-02