123:1-17-03 Limitation on certifications.

For those certification eligible lists in effect prior to October 1, 2011, no person shall be certified from an eligible list more than four times to the same appointing authority for a position of the same classification, except at the request of the appointing authority, and subject to the following provisions:

(A) If a certification eligible list is not used by the appointing authority, no consideration shall be charged to the persons included on the certification.

(B) Certifications for seasonal appointment shall be charged separately from those for permanent appointment. The declination of any such seasonal appointment shall not affect the right of an eligible to remain on the certification eligible list for appointment to a different appointment category.

(C) Whenever a certification is made to fill more than one position under rule 123:1-17-02 of the Administrative Code, those persons who are dropped after four considerations shall be considered as having been certified four times.

(D) An eligible who has declined appointment because of the salary offered is subsequently not certified for positions at the same or less salary.

Effective: 12/04/2011
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 09/15/2011 and 11/22/2016
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 124.09
Rule Amplifies: 124.27
Prior Effective Dates: 5/1/66, 1/9/76, 2/4/96, 7/1/07