123:2-3-06 Certification of labor union employment policies and practices.

Contractors and subcontractors shall submit with the their affirmative action programs a certification,from an authorized agent of all labor unions with which the contractor or subcontractor exchanges referrals for job applicants, stating that the union's employment policies and practices do not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Where the contractor or subcontractor is unable to provide such certification, the contractor or subcontractor shall certify that fact and set forth what efforts were made to secure a statement and the reasons given by the labor union for failing to provide the statement.

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Eff 6-9-75; 1-18-85; 9-9-95
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03 review dates: 3/1/2002
Rule authorized by: Executive Order of 1/27/72 and The Black Elected Democrats of Ohio, et al. v. Richard F. Celeste, Governor, the State of Ohio, et al. (3/18/88), S.D. Ohio No. C2-82-1198, unreported.
Rule amplifies: RC 153.59, 153.591
Replaces: Former 123:-3-07