123:2-3-07 Review of affirmative action programs.

(A) The contracting agency's compliance officer shall determine a contractor or subcontractor to be not responsive, where the contractor or subcontractor fails to adopt the state's affirmative action program or submit an acceptable affirmative action program. Notice of the compliance officer's determination must be forwarded to the contractor or subcontractor and the contracting agency's contract award office.

Eff 6-9-75; 1-18-85; 9-9-95
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03 review dates: 3/1/2002
Rule authorized by: Executive Order of 1/27/72 and The Black Elected Democrats of Ohio, et al. v. Richard F. Celeste, Governor, the State of Ohio, et al. (3/18/88), S.D. Ohio No. C2-82-1198, unreported.
Rule amplifies: RC 153.08
Replaces: Parts of Former 123:2-3-07, 123:2-3-08, 123:2-3-09