124-15-05 Motions for reconsideration.

Any party may move for reconsideration of a final order of the board. Motions for reconsideration shall be filed within ten calendar days of mailing of the final order. If a motion for reconsideration has been filed, and if no appeal has been filed in a court of common pleas, then the board may issue a stay of the final order pending the reconsideration. If the board issues a stay of its final order, the opposing party will then have ten calendar days to file a response to the motion for reconsideration. The filing of a notice of appeal divests the board of jurisdiction to rule on a motion for reconsideration.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 02/10/2014 and 02/10/2019
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 124.03
Rule Amplifies: 119.09, 124.03 , 124.14, 124.328, 124.33, 124.34, 124.341, 124.40, 124.56, 4167.13, 4167.14
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/79, 3/1/93, 4/16/09