149:4-1-04 Notice of meetings.

(A) To commission members.

The secretary shall provide written notice of the date, time and place of each regularly scheduled meeting of the Ohio bicentennial commission to commission members at least seven days in advance by either personally delivering or sending the same via regular, first-class mail to each member's respective office or home address as last recorded in the commission's records. In the case of special meetings, the notice shall also specify the nature of the business proposed to be transacted by the Ohio bicentennial commission.

(B) To the general public.

Any person may ascertain the date, time and place of all regularly scheduled meetings, and the date, time, place and purpose of all special meetings, of the Ohio bicentennial commission by:

(1) Writing to the following address: "Ohio Bicentennial Commission, The Statehouse, Room 021 North, Columbus, Ohio 43215";

(2) Calling either of the following telephone numbers during normal business hours: (614) 752-0578 or (toll-free) (888) OHIO-200; or

(3) Visiting the commission's office at the address noted above during normal business hours.

Furthermore, the secretary shall maintain a list of all persons who have requested, in writing, notice of all meetings of the Ohio bicentennial commission at which specific subject matters designated by such persons are scheduled to be discussed. Any person may, upon payment of an annual fee, if one is established by the commission, have his name placed on such list. The Secretary shall, no later than seven days prior to each meeting, send by regular, first-class mail an agenda of the meeting to such persons.

(c) To media representatives.

(1) Special meetings. Any representative of the news media may obtain notice of all special meetings by requesting, in writing, that such notice be provided. Such notice will be given, however, to only one representative of any particular publication or radio or television station. Requests for such notification should be sent to the Ohio bicentennial commission at the address set forth in paragraph (b)(1) of this rule. The request shall provide the name of the individual media representative to be contacted, a mailing address and a maximum of two telephone numbers where that person may be reached. The secretary shall maintain a list of all representatives of the news media who have requested to be notified of any special meetings.

In the event of a special meeting not of an emergency nature, the secretary shall notify all media representatives on the aforementioned list by doing at least one of the following:

(a) Sending written notice of such special meeting to the address provided by regular, first-class mail, at least four days in advance of the date of the special meeting;

(b) Notifying such representatives by telephone at least twenty-four hours in advance of the special meeting, such telephone notice shall be complete if a message has been left for the representative or if, after reasonable effort, the secretary has been unable to provide such telephone notice; or

(c) Informing such representative personally at least twenty-four hours in advance of the special meeting.

(2) Emergency meetings. In the event of a special meeting of an emergency nature requiring immediate official action, the secretary shall notify the media representatives on the aforementioned list of the date, time, place, and purpose of the meeting either by providing the notice described in paragraph (c)(1)(b) or (c)(1)(c) of this rule or by notifying the clerk of the statehouse press room. Media representatives shall be provided with notice of any such emergency meeting as soon as practical, which may be less than twenty-four hours notice.

In giving the notices required by this rule, the secretary may rely on assistance provided by any member of the Ohio bicentennial commission or its staff, and any such notice shall be deemed properly given if provided in the manner stated in this rule.

Eff 6-10-97
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 121.22, 149.32
Rule amplifies: RC 121.22, 149.32
Revised Code Section 119.032 Rule Review Date: June 1, 2002