Lawriter - OAC - 149:1-1-03 Procedures for the physical destruction of record and nonrecord material.

149:1-1-03 Procedures for the physical destruction of record and nonrecord material.

(A) Destruction Authority

Approval by the Commission is requisite to any destruction of records as defined in Section 149.40 of the Ohio Revised Code.

(B) Nonrecord Material

Nonrecord material will be defined by general schedules. When doubt arises whether certain papers are nonrecord materials, it shall be presumed that they are records.

(C) General Schedules

The State Records Administrator and the State Archivist will consult with one another and submit to the State Records Commission schedules designated "General Schedules" proposing the disposal, after the lapse of specified periods of time, of records of specified form or character common to several or all agencies that either have accumulated or may accumulate in such agencies and that apparently will not, after the lapse of the periods specified, have sufficient administrative, legal, fiscal, or other value to warrant their further preservation by the state. Such general schedules approved by the Commission will be promulgated by the State Records Administrator in General Schedules and distributed to all state agencies, offices, and institutions.

(D) Records Disposal

After disposing of their records in accordance with an approved application or schedule, agency heads or the designated agency record officer must prepare a Certificate of Records Disposal (SRC-2) in triplicate and forward the original to the Secretary and the duplicate to the State Records Administrator. The triplicate shall be retained by the Agency Records Officer as a permanent document evidencing the final disposal of the records.

Replaces rule 3; Eff 3-13-63; Eff (Amended) 10-20-76
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 149.32