1501:14-3-05 Underground water supplies.

(A) To insure that contamination, resulting from mining, of underground water supplies is prevented, the operator shall comply with the following conditions and requirements:

(1) Promptly seal all auger holes with non-acid producing, impervious material to a compacted depth of four feet above the top of the mineral or coal seam, which seal shall be maintained until the auger hole is permanently sealed as approved in the mining and reclamation plan, provided that auger holes that are not located near the base of the highwall are not required to be sealed;

(2) Cover any acid producing materials located in the bottom of the pit and any coal seam located near the base of the highwall with non-acid producing material to a minimum depth of three feet;

(3) Seal all shafts, boreholes, wells and other openings that are intercepted during mining in such a manner that contamination of underground water supplies shall be prevented; and

(4) When an underground mine is intercepted and the operator does not intend to mine the underground works, seal the opening with compacted, impervious materials to a depth of three times the greater dimension of the opening unless otherwise approved in an amended mining and reclamation plan. Such seal shall be inspected and approved by the chief or his or her representative before backfilling the area.

(B) To prevent impacts of dewatering from the drilling of boreholes or test holes that have groundwater flowing to the surface, the operator shall, for any borehole or test hole that contains groundwater which is flowing to the surface, plug the borehole or test hole within thirty days of drilling to cease the flowing of groundwater to the surface.

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Effective: 10/06/2011
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