1501:3-5-03 Mineral exploration prohibited, exceptions, fee.

(A) Commercial exploration of state forests for minerals, oil and gas is prohibited without written permission of the chief of the division.

(B) Persons desiring to conduct exploration activities shall apply for a special use permit thirty days in advance of the planned activity in the form and manner prescribed by the division. A nonrefundable application fee of one hundred dollars shall accompany each application.

(C) If a special use permit is issued, a performance guarantee deposit may be required in the form specified by the division. Any or all of the performance guarantee deposit may be retained by the division when damages or additional expenses are incurred and documented as a result of the activity. The balance of the performance guarantee deposit will be returned to the permittee.

(D) If a special use permit is issued, and administration of the permitted activity requires additional costs in the form of labor, materials or utilities, the special use permit fee may be increased by an amount equal to the additional costs to be incurred by the division.

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