1501:3-6-03 Hunting prohibited; public hunting areas.

No person shall hunt, kill, pursue or take any wildlife or wild animal by any means in any state forest area in which such is specifically prohibited by signs or on maps as designated by the chief or authorized agent. The following state forests are designated public hunting areas as set forth in division of wildlife rules:

Beaver Creek

Blue Rock

Brush Creek


Richland Furnace







Sunfish Creek

Scioto Trail

Shade River (including West Shade)


Tar Hollow


Yellow Creek

Zaleski (including Waterloo)


Memorial except for the following described 270 acre tract: beginning at the intersection of the center line of Route 97 and the west edge of the air strip, thence along the west edge of the air strip continuing in a straight line across Pine Run to a point on the ridge where a westerly line will intersect the west line of the Memorial Forest west of Pine Run and about one-half mile south of Route 97, thence north with the forest boundary to the middle of Route 97, thence with said center line to the point of beginning.

Eff (Amended) 9-16-74; 9-28-77; 1-9-04
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
Rule authorized by: 1503.01
Rule amplifies: 1503.01
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 02/17/2009 and 02/01/2014