1501:41-2-11 Camping fees.

(A) As used in this rule:

(1) "Primitive site" means a site in a designated camping area where limited amenities are provided which are generally lacking on-site potable water or solid waste disposal facilities.

(2) "Family camping area" means a licensed campground where various amenities are provided and maximum site occupancy is limited to six individuals.

(3) "Horse camping area" means a designated camping area where horses are permitted on the site.

(B) The chief may determine the fees to be charged for overnight camping on any state-operated camp site based upon any of the following factors; park, season, location, on-site amenities, or level of occupancy. Such fees for the use of any site within a designated campground shall be available upon request from the chief of the division of parks and watercraft or may be viewed at any time on the Ohio department of natural resources website and shall not exceed the following maximum rates:

Camping area site rates:

Primitive site

no charge

Family camping area site

$46.00 per night

Horse camping area site

$32.00 per night

Any person entering and camping on a site prior to six a.m. shall pay the appropriate fee, as established pursuant to the provisions set forth in this rule, for the prior night in addition to any additional fees for continued occupation of the site for subsequent nights.

(C) Fees established in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (B) of this rule may be reduced or waived as follows:

(1) Fees for use of the horse camping area may be reduced or waived at the discretion of the park manager for persons performing service projects that directly benefit the park.

(2) The chief of the division may reduce or waive any camping fee for promotional purposes or events.

Effective: 11/18/2016
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 03/26/2021
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Statutory Authority: 1546.04
Rule Amplifies: 1546.04, 1546.15
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