1501:46 Division of Parks and Watercraft

Current through All Regulations Passed and Filed through September 20l, 2019

Editor's Note: Director of the Legislative Service Commission renumbered these rules from 1501:41 effective May 1, 2017 by authority of S.B. 293 of the 131st General Assembly.

Chapter 1501:46-1 General Provisions

Chapter 1501:46-2 Fees

Chapter 1501:46-3 Prohibitions

Chapter 1501:46-5 Permit

Chapter 1501:46-7 Hours of Operation and Recreational Activities

Chapter 1501:46-9 Camping

Chapter 1501:46-11 Watercraft

Chapter 1501:46-12 Docks

Chapter 1501:46-13 Motor Vehicles, Horses, and Planes

Chapter 1501:46-14 Snowmobiles

Chapter 1501:46-15 Hunting and Fishing