1501:47-1-09 Boating accidents.

For the purpose of this rule, a "boating accident" means a collision, accident, or other casualty involving any vessel, either moored or in operation, upon any of the waters in this state.

(A) A vessel subject to this rule is considered to be involved in a boating accident whenever the occurrence results in damage by or to the vessel or its equipment; in injury or loss of life to any person; or in the disappearance of any occupant under circumstances indication the possibility of injury or death. A boating accident includes, but is not limited to, capsizing, collision, foundering, flooding, fire, explosion, or the disappearance of a vessel other than by theft.

(B) A report is required whenever a vessel subject to this rule is involved in a boating accident which results in any one or more of the following:

(1) Loss of life

(2) Personal injury requiring medical treatment beyond first aid.

(3) Actual physical damage to property, including watercraft, in excess of five hundred dollars.

(4) Physical damage or other incident resulting in the total loss of a vessel.

(5) Whenever death results from a boating accident, a written report shall be submitted to the chief of the division of watercraft within twenty four hours. For every other reportable boating accident a written report shall be submitted within five days after such accident. All such reports shall be submitted upon forms prescribed by and available from the chief of the division of watercraft. The operator or operators of each watercraft involved shall prepare and submit a written report to the: "Chief of the Division of Watercraft, 2045 Morse Road, building A, Columbus, Ohio 43229." Every written report shall contain the complete information required by the report form as described by the chief of the division of watercraft.

(a) Name and address of operator.

(b) Age of operator.

(c) Date of birth of operator.

(d) Operator's experience.

(e) Operator's telephone number.

(f) Owner's telephone number.

(g) Name and address of owner of vessel.

(h) Was it a rented boat.

(i) Number of persons on board.

(j) Formal instruction in boating safety.

(k) Boat registration number.

(l) Boat name.

(m) Boat make.

(n) Boat model.

(o) Manufacturer's hull identification number.

(p) Type of boat.

(q) Hull material.

(r) Engine.

(s) Propulsion.

(t) Construction.

(u) Date of accident.

(v) Time of day.

(w) Name of body of water.

(x) Location.

(y) State (26) nearest city, town.

(z) County.

(aa) Weather.

(bb) Water conditions.

(cc) Temperature.

(dd) Wind.

(ee) Visibility.

(ff) Operation at time of accident.

(gg) Type of accident.

(hh) What in your opinion contributed to the accident.

(ii) Personal flotation devices.

(jj) Property damage.

(kk) Fire extinguishers.

(ll) Describe property damage.

(mm) Name and address of owner of damaged property.

(nn) Deceased.

(oo) Injured.

(pp) Describe what happened.

(qq) Vessel number two name of operator.

(rr) Address of vessel number two. Registration number of vessel number two.

(ss) Telephone number of owner of vessel number two.

(tt) Vessel number two name.

(uu) Name of owner of vessel number two.

(vv) Address of owner of vessel number two.

(ww) Witnesses.

(xx) Signature of person completing report.

(yy) Address of person completing report.

(zz) Telephone number of person completing report.

(aaa) Qualification of person completing report.

(bbb) Date report submitted.

(ccc) Boating accident report addendum. (if applicable)

(C) The chief of the division of watercraft shall furnish all boating accident report statistics, information, or forms as shall from time to time be requested by the United States coast guard.

Effective: 09/20/2010
R.C. 119.032 review dates: Exempt
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 1547.52
Rule Amplifies: 1547.59
Prior Effective Dates: 4/25/74, 8/16/84, 10/10/90, 9/1/99, 4/17/07