Lawriter - OAC - 1501:9-11-02 Permit to plug.

1501:9-11-02 Permit to plug.

(A) Each application for a permit to plug and abandon a well shall include: an affidavit attesting that the owner of his authorized agent has notified in writing the owner of the land upon which the well is located, of his intention to abandon the well, and of the approximate date when he will commence plugging operations.

(B) The division will provide electronic access created in the normal course of business to all underground mine owners in the state providing notice of applications to plug that have been filed with the division and permits to plug that have been issued by the division.

(C) To encourage plugging of all applicable wells in accordance with standards established by the Federal (MSHA)(Mine Safety Health Administration), the coal owner may contact the well owner to coordinate plugging of a well in a manner that will protect miner safety and minimize the need to drill out and re-plug a well in the future. The coal owner will bear all incremental costs of plugging pursuant to these "Standards". The coal owner shall make every reasonable effort to facilitate the coordination to avoid any delay in the scheduling of the plugging by the owner.

(D) The permit or a true copy thereof shall be available at the well site at all times during which plugging and abandonment operations are taking place. A permit issued pursuant to these rules is not transferable. It may be reissued as a new permit to a successor owner.

(E) Expiration of plugging permit:

(1) Once a permit to plug and abandon has been issued pursuant to this rule, actual plugging of the well authorized by the permit shall be commenced within twelve month period of the date of issuance of such permit or the permit shall expire; if plugging is commenced but not completed within said twelve month period, plugging shall be continued with due diligence following the twelve month period or the permit shall expire.

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Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
Rule authorized by: RC 1509.03
Rule amplifies: RC 1509.13
RC 119.032 review dates: 9/16/03, 4/15/09