1501:9-11-03 Objective and methods.

(A) A dry hole, lost hole, abandoned oil and gas well, abandoned brine disposal well, abandoned well used to inject fluids for the enhanced recovery of oil or gas, abandoned well used to store hydrocarbons, and all wells plugged back in order to produce from or inject into or extract fluids from a more shallow formation and abandoned well used for solution mining of minerals shall be plugged in such a manner that oil, gas, water, or other fluids shall be confined to the reservoir rock in which it occurs or originates.

(B) The owner, or his agent, may have the option of using any method of emplacing the plugging material approved by the chief but not limited to dump bailer, bullhead, pumping through tubing, casing or drill pipe.

(C) In the abandonment and plugging of wells located in congested areas or other areas designated by the chief, where the approved plugging methods cannot be applied or, if applied, would be ineffective in carrying out the protection which the law is meant to give, the chief may designate an alternate method of plugging. He may also require the installation of casing and vent pipe to provide additional safety to the surrounding area. The plugging report, on a form provided by the division, shall show the manner in which the well was plugged.

(D) The chief shall take all necessary precautions to ensure protection of public health and safety from the hazards that may be encountered during plugging operations.

(E) The chief may order the immediate suspension of plugging activities after finding that any person is causing, engaging in or maintaining a condition or activity that in the chief's judgment presents an imminent danger to public health or safety, or results in or is likely to result in immediate substantial damage to natural resources.

Eff 7-16-82; 8-9-93; 4-15-04
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
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Rule amplifies: RC 1509.15
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