Lawriter - OAC - 1501:9-11-07 Materials.

1501:9-11-07 Materials.

(A) A well shall be plugged with cement, prepared clay, or any other material approved by the chief. A rotary drilled hole shall be plugged with cement unless otherwise approved by the division. The owner or his agent may have the option of using either prepared clay or cement to plug a cable tool drilled hole.

(1) All Class II saltwater injection, enhanced recovery and Class III solution mining wells must be plugged with cement.

(B) Cement shall meet commonly accepted industry standards for portland cement. Cement blends must be able to attain a minimum compressive strength of five hundred pounds per square inch after twenty-four hours when tested in accordance commonly accepted industry standards. If pozzalan cement mixtures are used, pozzalanic materials may not exceed fifty per cent by volume of a cement blend. A well that yields hydrogen sulfide must be plugged with sulfate-resistant cement. Inspectors may approve the use of a nine-sack grout.

The chief will evaluate sources of prepared clay to determine whether they satisfy division standards. The chief shall approve prepared clay sources based upon an annual test demonstrating that the material has a clay content of not less than 40 percent and a sand or greater size content not exceeding 30 percent. For purposes of this evaluation, clay shall be considered any material with a particle size of 4.0 microns or less, and the sand fraction will be considered all particles with a grain size exceeding 62.5 microns. The division will collect a composite sample of material from the clay seam, stockpile or bagged product that is deemed representative of the source material. The division will seal, label, and deliver the sample to a qualified laboratory for testing. Upon receipt of the analysis, the division will inform the owner whether the sample meets applicable standards and provide a copy of the analysis. In addition to meeting the grain size standards, the owner of an approved operation must process the material and store the material in a dry condition for delivery. The division will maintain and update the list of approved prepared clay sources at least annually.

(C) No substance of any nature or description other than that normally used in plugging operations in accordance with the acceptable industry standard shall be placed in any well at any time during the plugging operations.

Replaces: 4101:10-1-03, 4101:10-1-04, 4101:10-1-05; Eff 7-16-82; 8-9-93; 4-15-04
Rule promulgated under: RC 119.03
Rule authorized by: RC 1509.03
Rule amplifies: RC 1509.15
RC 119.032 review dates: 9/16/03, 1/27/04, 4/15/09