1501:10-2-22 General requirements for training diesel-powered equipment operators.

(A) To use diesel-powered equipment in an underground coal mine, the mine operator shall submit to the chief for approval a training plan for training equipment operators in the use of diesel-powered equipment and shall not allow any person who is not qualified under paragraph (D) or (G) of this rule to operate diesel-powered equipment in an underground coal mine.

(B) All training course instructors and all training plans required by this rule and rules 1501:10-2-23 and 1501:10-2-24 of the Administrative Code shall be approved by the chief. Equipment operator training and qualification shall meet the requirements of this rule.

(C) Training shall be conducted in the basics of the operation of diesel engines, federal and state regulations governing their use, company rules for safe operation, the specific features of each piece of equipment, and the ability to recognize problems. The mine operator shall provide this training to each equipment operator and, if applicable, to the mine's health and safety committee. This training shall be designed to bring every equipment operator to a level of good understanding of diesel-powered equipment operation. An equipment operator may attain qualification by attending a course of a minimum of eight hours which shall include formal classroom training on diesel fundamentals and equipment-specific hands-on training pursuant to rule 1501:10-2-23 of the Administrative Code.

(D) When an equipment operator successfully completes the classroom and hands-on training required under paragraph (C) of this rule, the mine operator shall issue to the equipment operator a certificate of qualification that qualifies the equipment operator to operate a specific type of diesel-powered equipment. An equipment operator may be qualified to operate more than one type of equipment by successfully completing additional equipment-specific training that covers operational attributes specific to each additional type of diesel-powered equipment.

(E) Two hours of refresher training shall be required annually for all diesel-powered equipment operators unless the chief approves an alternative training schedule. This training shall be separate from the training required by MSHA regulations 30 C.F.R. Part 48. The mine operator shall furnish all training and refresher training required under this rule. The employees shall suffer no loss of pay for attending training and refresher training.

(F) The training and refresher training required under paragraphs (C) and (E) of this rule shall include instruction in the following classroom subjects:

(1) Engine fundamentals, which shall include an introduction to the function of a diesel engine and recognition of all major components and their functions;

(2) Diesel regulations, which shall include an introduction to federal and state regulations governing the use of diesel-powered equipment;

(3) Diesel emissions, which shall include an introduction to diesel emissions and their adverse health effects;

(4) Factors that affect diesel emissions, which shall include a detailed presentation of engine faults and diesel fuel quality, and their effects on emissions, as well as instruction in the preventive actions that can be taken to minimize emissions levels;

(5) Emissions control devices, which shall include a detailed presentation of the different emissions control devices employed to reduce emissions, and details about actions the equipment operator must take to keep the devices in working order;

(6) Diagnostic techniques, which shall include a presentation of techniques that can be employed by the equipment operator to assure the equipment is in safe operating condition, and instruction in how to recognize and diagnose certain engine faults that may cause increases in emissions;

(7) The preoperational inspection, which shall include a presentation of the purpose, benefits, and requirements of the preoperational inspection;

(8) Ventilation, which shall include an introduction to special ventilation requirements for areas of the mine in which diesel-powered equipment will operate;

(9) Fire suppression systems, which shall include an introduction to the use and function of fire suppression systems, and when and how to manually activate a fire suppression system;

(10) Operating rules, which shall include a detailed presentation of the driving rules, safe driving speeds, traffic control devices, and equipment limitations;

(11) Emergency procedures, which shall include discussion of emergency situations such as fire, diesel fuel spills, component failure, and loss of ventilation air. This instruction shall also include emergency escape procedures and discussion of the potential use of the diesel-powered vehicle as an emergency escape vehicle in case of a mine emergency situation; and

(12) Record keeping and reporting procedures, which shall include a presentation on required record keeping and reporting procedures for problems or unsafe conditions, high emissions levels, and preoperational inspections made by the equipment operator.

(G) Annual certificate of qualification. The mine operator shall issue to the equipment operator a new certificate of qualification each year after the equipment operator has successfully completed the annual refresher training pursuant to paragraph (E) of this rule. The mine operator shall keep at the mine site a copy of the most recent certificate of qualification issued to the equipment operator and make it available for inspection by the chief or his or her representative.

(H) For dates of federal rules referenced in this rule, see rule 1501:10-1-07 of the Administrative Code.

Effective: 5/11/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 02/24/2017 and 05/01/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 1513.02
Rule Amplifies: 1513.02 , 1567.35
Prior Effective Dates: 11/03/11