1501:13-11-02 Support facilities and utility installations.

(A) Each applicant for a coal mining and reclamation permit shall submit a description, plans and drawings for each support facility to be constructed, used or maintained within the proposed permit area, in addition to mapping of certain support facilities, as required in paragraphs (J)(30) to (J)(36) of rules 1501:13-4-04 and 1501:13-4-13 of the Administrative Code, submittal of narrative explanations and descriptions as required in paragraphs (A)(2)(b) and

(B) (1)(d) of rules 1501:13-4-05 and 1501:13-4-14 of the Administrative Code, and submittal of descriptions, including maps and cross-sections, as required in paragraph (M) of rule 1501:13-4-05 of the Administrative Code and paragraph (L) of rule 1501:13-4-14 of the Administrative Code. The plans and drawings shall include a map, appropriate cross sections, design drawings, and specifications sufficient to demonstrate compliance with paragraph (B) of this rule.

(B) Support facilities required for, or used incidentally to, the operation of the mine, including, but not limited to, mine buildings, coal loading facilities at or near the minesite, coal storage facilities, equipment storage facilities, fan buildings, hoist buildings, preparation plants, sheds, shops, and other buildings shall be designed, constructed or reconstructed and located to prevent or control erosion and siltation, water pollution, and damage to public or private property. Support facilities shall be designed, constructed or reconstructed, maintained and used in a manner which prevents, to the extent possible using the best technology currently available:

(1) Damage to fish, wildlife, and related environmental values;

(2) Additional contributions of suspended solids to streamflow or runoff outside the permit area. Any such contributions shall not be in excess of limitations of state or federal law.

(C) All coal mining operations shall be conducted in a manner which minimizes damage, destruction, or disruption of services provided by oil, gas, and coal-slurry pipelines, railroads, electric and telephone lines which pass over, under, or through the permit area, unless otherwise approved by the owner of those facilities and the chief.

Eff 10-27-82; 1-1-93
Rule promulgated under: RC Chapter 119.
Rule amplifies: RC 1513.16
119.032 Review date: 10-3-00; 10-3-05