1501:13 Division of Mineral Resources Management - Coal

Chapter 1501:13-1 Administrative Procedures.

Chapter 1501:13-3 Prohibited or Limited Areas for Mining.

Chapter 1501:13-4 Permits.

Chapter 1501:13-5 Review of Permits.

Chapter 1501:13-6 Small Operator Assistance Program.

Chapter 1501:13-7 Performance Security.

Chapter 1501:13-8 Coal Exploration.

Chapter 1501:13-9 Identification of Mine Area: Environmental Integrity; Postmining Use of Land.

Chapter 1501:13-10 Roads.

Chapter 1501:13-11 Transportation and Support Facilities and Utility Installation.

Chapter 1501:13-12 Underground Operations; Subsidence Control.

Chapter 1501:13-13 Miscellaneous Surface and Underground Mining.

Chapter 1501:13-14 Enforcement.