1501:21-5-05 The plans.

The plans shall consist of a bound portfolio of the drawings with all sheets being of the same size not larger than twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches. The plans shall also be provided in a digital file format acceptable to the chief.

(A) Sheet one shall show: the name of the project; its location, e.g. section, township, and county; the name of the owner or applicant; and the classification of the structure. Sheet one shall also contain a vicinity map that shows the project location with respect to the boundaries of political subdivisions, streams, highways, airports, and railroads.

(B) Topographic and cross-section surveys shall be made with sufficient accuracy to locate the proposed construction. Locations of baselines, centerlines, and other horizontal and vertical control points shall be shown on a topographic map of the site.

(C) A map shall be included that shows the locations of borings, test pits, proposed borrow areas, known farm tiles, utility lines, and other areas pertinent to the design and construction of the structure. The location of proposed borrow areas may be excluded from the map if acceptable to the chief.

(D) The remainder of the plans shall be accurately drawn in sufficient detail as to clearly indicate the extent and complexity of the work.

(E) The engineer shall affix the engineer's stamp, signature and date on each page of the plans.

Effective: 05/23/2010
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 03/08/2010 and 05/15/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 1521.06
Rule Amplifies: 1521.06 , 1521.061
Prior Effective Dates: 4-15-72; 10-15-81; 12-9-99; 1-16-05