Lawriter - OAC - 1501:3-3-04 Trailer plumbing requirements.

1501:3-3-04 Trailer plumbing requirements.

House trailers, travel trailers, camping trailers and any other type of mobile housing unit having plumbing fixtures with provisions for outside drainage must meet the following requirements before camping in state forests:

(A) Mobile housing units must be provided with a suitable, nonspilling holding tank which will not overflow and be connected with leakproof coupling to a drain(s) that is controllable to allow for contents to be transported by the occupant and disposed of off state forest land.

(B) No person shall drain or discharge the contents of a septic tank from a mobile housing unit on to state forest land.

(C) Drain(s) from the sink, wash basin and shower may be drained into a suitable external holding device provided such device is not spilled, overflowed or drained onto a campsite and is collected and removed from state forest land by the occupant.

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