1501:31 Division of Wildlife

Chapter 1501:31-1 General Provisions.

Chapter 1501:31-3 Commercial Fishing.

Chapter 1501:31-5 Watercraft.

Chapter 1501:31-7 Migratory Game Birds.

Chapter 1501:31-9 Use of Areas Under the Control of the Division of Wildlife.

Chapter 1501:31-11 Refuges and Restricted Hunting Areas.

Chapter 1501:31-13 Sport Fishing.

Chapter 1501:31-15 Hunting and Trapping.

Chapter 1501:31-16 Wildlife Minimum Values.

Chapter 1501:31-17 Mussels.

Chapter 1501:31-19 Wild Animal Regulations.

Chapter 1501:31-21 Waterfowl Hunting.

Chapter 1501:31-23 Endangered Wild Animals.

Chapter 1501:31-25 Wild Animal Collecting.

Chapter 1501:31-27 License Exemptions.

Chapter 1501:31-29 Hunter Safety and Trapper Education Courses.

Chapter 1501:31-31 Private Dog Training Grounds Permit.

Chapter 1501:31-33 Wetlands Habitat Stamp Regulations.

Chapter 1501:31-35 Concession Lease Agreement.

Chapter 1501:31-37 Falconry Permits.

Chapter 1501:31-39 Aquaculture.

Chapter 1501:31-40 Ohio Ginseng Management Program.