1501:31-15-04 [Effective until 1/1/2014]State-owned or administered lands designated as public hunting areas.

(A) The following areas administered by divisions of the Ohio department of natural resources are hereby designated as public hunting areas upon which hunting and trapping are permitted as prescribed by the Revised Code or the Administrative Code.

(1) The following state forests administered by the division of forestry:

Blue Rock

Brush creek

Beaver creek









Richland Furnace

Scioto Trail

Shade river


Sunfish creek

Tar Hollow

West Shade

Yellow creek


*Mohican Memorial, except for the following described two-hundred-seventy-acre tract: Beginning at the intersection of the center line of route 97 and the west edge of the air strip, thence along the west edge of the air strip continuing in a straight line across Pine Run to a point on the ridge where a westerly line will intersect the west line of the Memorial forest west of Pine Run and about one-half mile south of route 97, thence north with the forest boundary to the middle of route 97, thence with said center line to the point of beginning.

(2) The following lands owned, administered by or under agreement with the division of wildlife are hereby designated as public hunting areas or wildlife areas:

Acadia cliffs

Aldrich pond

Ales run

American Electric Power recreational area

Aquilla lake

Auburn marsh


Bayshore fishing access

Beach City

Beaver creek (Greene county)

Beaver (Marion county)

**B & N Coal, Inc.

Berlin lake

Big island


Broken Aro wildlife area

Brush creek (Jefferson county)

Buffalo Fork

Caesar creek reservoir

Camp Belden

Cascade Wayside

City of Akron LaDue/Mogadore

Circleville canal

**Charlemont reservation (Lorain county park district)

Clarence J. Brown reservoir

Clark lake

Clouse lake

Coalton wildlife area

Collier scenic river area



**CONSOL Energy, Powhatten Point

Cooper Hollow

Crown City wildlife area

Dan & Margaret James


Deer creek

Deer creek reservoir (Stark county)



Dillon lake


East Fork lake

**Edge of Appalachia

Egypt valley

Elmon Richards Scioto river fishing access


Fayette county area 002

Fayette county area 015

Fayette county area 016

Fayette county area 017

Fayette county area 025

Fayette county area 038

Fayette county area 053

Fayette county area 056

Fayette county area 057

Fayette county area 060

Fish creek

Flint Run

Firestone/Yeagley wildlife area

Five mile creek access


Fox lake

Fulton pond

Funk bottoms


Goll woods

Grand river

Grant lake

Greenfield lake

Hambden orchard



Hancock county area 009

Hancock county area 024

Hancock county area 032

Hancock county area 041

Hancock county area 043

Hancock county area 045

Hancock county area 046

Hardin county area 01

Hellbender Bluff wildlife area

Henry county area 012

Henry county area 028

Henry county area 029

Highlandtown lake

Honey point

Huron fishing access

Indian creek

Jackson county line

Jackson city reservoir

Jackson lake agreement

Jockey Hollow


K.H. Butler

Killbuck marsh

Killbuck-Walhonding access

Killdeer plains

Kinnikinnick wildlife area

Knobby's prairie

Knox lake



Lake La Su An

Lake park

Lake Rupert

Lake Snowden

Lake White Tail Waters

Leesville lake


Little Portage

Lover's Portage river access

Lower Killbuck creek

Luthman wildlife area

Mackey Ford

Madison county area 036

Madison county area 055

Magee marsh

Mallard Club wildlife area

Mansfield City reservoir

Mazurik fishing access

Meilke Road Savanna



Metzger marsh


Michigan wildlife area


Miller Blue Hole

Missionary island group (including Missionary, Indian, Butler, and Grave islands)

Mohican River wildlife area



Monroe basin

Monroe lake

Mosquito creek

Muskingum watershed conservancy district

Nettle lake fishing access

New Lyme

North Bass island

Oberlin reservoir

Ohio river access - Forked Run wildlife area

Ohio river access - Oldtown wildlife area

Ohio river access - Racine wildlife area

Ohio river access - Shade River wildlife area

Ohio river lock & dam #15 wildlife area

Ohio river lock & dam #18 wildlife area

Ohio river lock & dam #19 wildlife area

Ohio river lock & dam #21 wildlife area

Ohio river lock & dam #23 wildlife area


Old Woman creek


Ottawa county area 022

Ottawa county area 065

Ottawa national refuge

Ottoville quarry

Oxbow lake

Paint creek



Pickaway co. area 004

Pickaway co. area 010

Pickaway co. area 013

Pickaway co. area 019

Pickaway co. area 026

Pickaway co. area 027

Pickaway co. area 034

Pickaway co. area 037

Pickaway co. area 039

Pickaway co. area 049

Pickerel creek

Pipe creek

Pleasant valley

Portage river fishing access



Portage Path wildlife area

Prairie creek

Putnam county area 051

Putnam county area 052

Putnam county area 054



Rockmill lake

Ross county area 001

Ross county area 023

Ross county area 033

Ross county area 035

Ross county area 048

Ross lake

Ruff pond

**Rush creek conservancy district

Rush Run lake

Salt Fork lake

Sandusky bay bridge access

Sandusky co. area 014

Sandusky co. area 018

Sandusky co. area 030

Sandusky co. area 031

Sandusky co. area 050

Sandusky co. area 059

Sandusky co. area 063

Samuels wildlife area

Saint Joseph river

Scenic Vista wildlife area

Seneca county area 047

Seneca county area 061

Seneca county area 062

Seneca county area 064



Shreve lake

Silver creek marsh

Simco wetlands

Spencer lake


Szabo buckeye furnace

Sugar creek

**Sunday creek

Superior wildlife area

Symmes township wildlife area

Tiffin river



Trimble township community forest


Trump wildlife preserve

Turkey Ridge

Turtle creek access

Tycoon lake

Upper Deer creek reservoir (Walborn reservoir)

Valley Run wildlife area

Van Tassel

Veto lake

Wallace H. O'Dowd wildlife area



Wayne national forest



West harbor

Whitey case wildlife production area

Wingfoot lake wildlife area

Willard marsh

Willow Point

Wilson wetlands

Wolf creek


Wood county area 003

Wood county area 006

Wood county area 007

Wood county area 008

Wood county area 011

Wood county area 019

Wood county area 020

Wood county area 042

Wood county area 044

Wood county area 058

Woodland trails


Zepernick lake

**Note: Areas indicated with double asterisks (**) will be operated only if appropriate agreements or leases are signed and such areas are posted with signs.

(B) The areas administered by the division of parks and recreation listed in paragraphs (B) and (C) of this rule are hereby designated as public hunting areas. Hunting and trapping are permitted when done in accordance with the Revised Code and the Administrative Code.

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt any wild animal on any public hunting area listed in paragraphs (B) and (C) of this rule with any device or by any means other than shotguns; falconry; longbow and arrow; muzzleloading rifles and shotguns; and crossbows and arrows. However, rifles and handguns may be used to take furbearing animals from six p.m. to six a.m., handguns may also be used to take squirrels during open seasons and handguns may be used to take deer during the deer gun season in accordance with rule 1501:31-15-11 of the Administrative Code.

(2) It shall be lawful to hunt game birds, game quadrupeds and fur bearing animals, and trap furbearing animals in the division of parks and recreation areas named in this rule when done in accordance to the official hunting maps for the parks listed. Official hunting maps indicate those areas of the park open and closed to hunting and trapping and any restrictions on hunting or trapping in those areas. The official copies of the maps are filed with the chief of the division of parks and recreation. At least thirty days prior to the effective date copies of the maps are posted in accordance with the Administrative Code and filed at the respective parks and recreation area headquarters office.

Parks that have areas open to hunting and trapping:

Alum Creek state park

A.W. Marion state park

Barkcamp state park

Beaver Creek state park

Blue Rock state park

Buck Creek state park

Buckeye lake state park

Burr Oak state park

Caesar Creek state park

Cowan lake state park

Crane Creek state park

Deer Creek state park

Delaware state park

Dillon state park

East Fork state park

East Harbor state park

Findley state park

Forked Run state park

Geneva state park

Grand lake St. Marys state park

Great Seal state park

Guilford lake state park

Hocking Hills state park

Hueston Woods state park

Indian lake state park

Jackson lake state park

Jefferson lake state park

John Bryan state park

Kelleys Island state park

Kiser lake state park

Lake Alma state park

Lake Hope state park

Lake Logan state park

Lake Loramie state park

Lake Milton state park

Madison lake state park

Malabar state park

Maumee Bay state park

Mosquito state park

Mount Gilead state park

Mary Jane Thurston state park

North Bass Island state park

Paint Creek state park

Portage lakes state park

Punderson state park

Pymatuning state park

Rocky Fork state park

Salt Fork state park

Scioto Trail state park

Shawnee state park

Stonelick state park

Strouds Run state park

Sycamore state park

Tar Hollow state park

Tinkers Creek state park

Van Buren state park

West Branch state park

Wolf Run state park

(C) It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt or trap at any time, on the following lands or waters administered by the division of parks except when permitted by the division of parks:

Adams lake state park

Catawba island state park

Cleveland lakefront state park

Harrison lake state park

Headlands beach state park

Independence dam state park

Lake White state park

Little Miami state park

Muskingum river state park

Nelson Kennedy ledges state park

Pike lake state park

Quail Hollow state park

South Bass island state park

(D) It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt within a public hunting area posted with signs showing "No Hunting," or "Safety Zone-No Hunting," "No Trapping," or "No Hunting and No Trapping."

(E) It shall be unlawful for any person to take, kill or harass a wild animal in any state park at any time unless authorized by the chief of the division of wildlife, except during the open season.

(F) The chief of the division of wildlife may issue special permits for any activity on any property owned or under control of the division of wildlife.

(G) All definitions set forth in rule 1501:31-1-02 of the Administrative Code shall apply to this rule.

Effective: 07/11/2013
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 02/04/2013 and 07/11/2018
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 1531.06 , 1531.08 , 1531.10
Rule Amplifies: 1531.06 , 1531.08 , 1531.10
Prior Effective Dates: 8/25/76 (Temp.), 6/1/77 (Temp.), 6/1/78 (Temp.), 6/1/79 Temp.), 6/1/80 (Temp.), 6/1/81(Temp.), 6/1/82 (Temp.), 11/12/82 (Temp.), 5/3/83 (Temp.), 5/31/84 (Temp.), 6/1/86 (Temp.), 11/21/86 (Emer.), 6/1/87(Temp.), 6/1/88, 10/13/88 (Emer.), 7/1/89, 7/31/90, 7/31/92, 10/31/92, 8/15/95, 8/10/96, 1/25/97, 6/1/97, 6/1/99, 3/1/00, 7/5/00, 7/22/01, 2/1/02, 7/19/02, 6/4/03, 5/28/04, 5/27/05, 1/1/06, 7/1/06, 7/1/07, 7/1/08, 11/24/08, 1/1/10, 7/1/10, 7/1/2011, 07/01/2012