1501:41-2-14 Group facilities fees.

The chief of the division may, at his/her discretion, for promotional purposes during division-sponsored programs, waive all or a portion of the fees for program/promotion participants.

(A) Residence camps

Tar Hollow state park group resident camp building complex (maximum: two hundred persons).


The fee shall be three hundred ninety dollars per day for up to and including one hundred seventy-five persons; over one hundred seventy-five, the daily fee shall be three hundred ninety dollars plus one dollar per day for each additional person in excess of one hundred seventy-five. On Monday through Thursday from September first through October thirty-first the fee shall be two hundred ten dollars per day.

(B) Overnight group lodges

(1) Lake Hope state park, Laurel lodge.

Rental of entire lodge (beds for twenty-two).

Fee: For Friday, Saturday or Sunday night rentals, the fee is three hundred fifty dollars per night. For Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night rentals, the fee is three hundred ten dollars per night.

(2) Pike lake state park group lodge (maximum twenty-two persons).

Fee: The maxi0mum fee for a one week rental is seven hundred seventy dollars. For less than a full week the fee is one hundred twenty-five dollars per night.

(C) Group meeting rooms

(1) Hueston Woods state park office meeting rooms.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-1.png

(2) Quail Hollow meeting rooms and rental house.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-2.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-3.png

(3) Rocky Fork

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-4.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-5.png

(4) Malabar Farm.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-6.png

(5) Lake White meeting room.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-7.png

(6) Cleveland Lakefront office meeting room.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-8.png

(7) Cowan lake commissary meeting room.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-9.png

(8) Shawnee marina meeting room.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-10.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-11.png

(9) Mohican commissary meeting room.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-12.png

(10) Scioto Trail historic church

The daily fee for rental of the historic church at Scioto Trail shall be seventy-five dollars.

(D) Day use group lodges

(1) John Bryan state park day use lodge

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-13.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-14.png

(2) Caesar Creek day use lodge

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-15.png

(3) M.J. Thurston group lodge.

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-16.png

(E) Sycamore Group camps

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-17.png

(F) For shelterhouses that are reserved the fee is:

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-18.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-19.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-20.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-21.png

(G) Shelter Camps

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-22.png

(H) For rental of the gazebo and amphitheater at Mount Gilead and Scioto Trail state parks the daily fee shall be as follows:

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-23.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-24.png

(I) For rental of a group tent the fee shall be as follows:

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-25.png

(J) For rental of the horse arena at Hueston Woods state park the fees shall be as follows:

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-26.png

(K) For a reservation at Maumee Bay state park of the picnic area at parking lot number three the fee shall be twenty-five dollars per day.

(L) Group Camps

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-27.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-28.png

 image: oh/admin/2014/1501$41-2-14_ph_ff_a_ru_20100601_0826-29.png

At lake Erie Islands state park a ten dollar non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation. This deposit will be applied to the group fee at the time of occupancy.

At Kiser lake state park the minimum per night fee for a group camp shall be twenty dollars.

All or a portion of group camp fees may be waived by the park manager for groups performing service projects that directly benefit the park.

Effective: 06/11/2010
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 03/25/2010 and 06/01/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 1541.03
Rule Amplifies: 1541.01 , 1541.03 , 1541.09
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