173 Department of Aging

Chapter 173-1 General Provisions

Chapter 173-2 Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

Chapter 173-3 Older Americans Act

Chapter 173-4 Older Americans Act Nutrition Program

Chapter 173-6 Golden Buckeye Card Program

Chapter 173-9 Database Reviews and Criminal Records Checks

Chapter 173-11 Senior Facilities Program

Chapter 173-13 Accessing Confidential Personal Information

Chapter 173-14 State Long Term Care Ombudsman

Chapter 173-35 Residential State Supplement Program

Chapter 173-36 Adult Foster Homes

Chapter 173-37 Choices Program

Chapter 173-38 Medicaid-Funded Assisted Living Program

Chapter 173-39 Certification of Community-Based Long-Term Care Service Providers

Chapter 173-40 State-Funded PASSPORT Program

Chapter 173-41 Criminal Records Check [Rescinded]

Chapter 173-42 Medicaid-Funded PASSPORT Program

Chapter 173-43 Long Term Care Consultation Program

Chapter 173-44 Unified Waiting List

Chapter 173-45 Long Term Care Consumer Guide

Chapter 173-50 PACE Program

Chapter 173-51 State-Funded Assisted Living Program

Chapter 173-60 Long-Term Care Quality Initiative

Chapter 173-71 Best Rx Program