173-39-02.5 Chore service.

(A) "Chore service" means a service that improves, restores, or maintains a clean, sanitary, and safe living environment through the performance of tasks in the consumer's home that are beyond the consumer's capability, and the removal of hazards posing a threat to the consumer's health and welfare. Examples of a chore service are:

(1) Heavy household cleaning: washing walls and ceilings; washing the outside of windows, washing the inside of windows that are difficult to reach; removing, cleaning, and re-hanging curtains or drapery; and, shampooing carpets or furniture.

(2) Simple household maintenance: repairing a water faucet; unclogging a drain; lighting and relighting a pilot light; and, replacing a furnace filter.

(3) Disposal of garbage.

(B) Eligibility: A consumer is only eligible for the service if:

(1) Neither the consumer, nor anyone else in the consumer's home, is capable of performing or financially providing for the services;

(2) No relative, caregiver, community/volunteer agency, or third-party payer is capable providing the service; and,

(3) No other person (e.g., a landlord) has a legal or contractual responsibility to perform the job.

(C) Requirements for a chore service in addition to the conditions of participation under rule 173-39-02 of the Administrative Code:

(1) Cost estimate: Each provider shall furnish ODA's designee with a verbal estimate upon the the request of ODA's designee.

(2) Written price quote: Each agency provider shall furnish ODA's designee with a written price quote no later than seven days after ODA's designee requests the service.

(3) Safety:

(a) The provider shall maintain a list of the chemicals or substances used for each job order. The provider shall furnish the list to ODA's designee upon request.

(b) The provider shall inform the consumer and ODA's designee or any specific health or safety risks expected during the job and coordinate times and dates of service to ensure minimal risk of hazard to the consumer.

(c) The provider shall comply with any applicable local codes or ordinances in the performance of each job order.

(d) The provider shall furnish a warranty to ODA's designee that covers the workmanship and materials involved in the service provided.

(4) Provider qualifications: Only an agency that ODA certifies as an agency provider or a person that ODA certifies as a non-agency provider shall furnish this service.

(5) Service verification:

(a) For each service furnished, the provider shall retain a record of the:

(i) Consumer's name;

(ii) Date of service;

(iii) Service description, including a comparison between task in the job order and tasks provided;

(iv) Units of service;

(v) Name of each person in contact with the consumer;

(vi) Provider's signature; and,

(vii) Consumer's signature. The case manager shall record the consumer's signature of choice in the consumer's service plan. The signature of choice may include a handwritten signature; initials; stamp or mark; or electronic signature.

(b) The provider may use a technology-based system to collect or retain the records required under this rule.

(c) The agency provider shall retain records required under this rule according to paragraph (B)(5) of rule 173-39-02 of the Administrative Code and the non-agency provider shall retain records required under this rule according to paragraph (C)(5) of rule 173-39-02 of the Administrative Code.

(D) Unit and rates:

(1) One unit of a chore service is one completed job order of a chore service .

(2) The maximum amount allowable for a unit is the provider's written price quote, so long as the price does not exceed the maximum amount allowable amount in paragraph (D)(3) of this rule.

(3) The maximum rate allowable for a job order of the service is listed in appendix A to rule 5160-1- 06.1 of the Administrative Code.

Effective: 07/10/2014
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 04/14/2014 and 07/01/2019
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 173.01, 173.02, 173.391, 173.52, Section 323.110 of H.B.59 (130th G.A.) Rule Amplifies: 173.39 , 173.391, 173.52, 173.53
Prior Effective Dates: 03/31/2006, 03/17/2011