173-39-02.9 Minor home modification, maintenance, and repair services.

(A) Minor home modification, maintenance and repair service (MHM) provides environmental accessibility adaptations to the structural elements of the interior or exterior of a consumer's place of residence that enable the consumer to function with greater independence in the home and remain in the community. Modifications, maintenance and repairs that are excluded from this service are those adaptations or improvements to the home that are of general utility and not of direct medical or remedial benefit to the consumer, such as carpeting, roof replacement, central air conditioning, and adaptations which add to the total square footage of the home, etc.

MHM services are limited to those that cannot be accomplished through existing informal or formal supports, and those that are not the legal or contractual responsibility of a landlord or a home owner other than the consumer.

All MHM services must be provided in accordance with applicable building codes and must be authorized by the consumer's plan of care.

(B) A unit of MHM service is one completed job order. The unit rate is the rate negotiated by ODA's designee and must include a formal estimate of materials and labor. The provider cannot bill in excess of the estimate, unless a cost revision is authorized by the case manager prior to the initiation of the MHM service.

(C) MHM services include, but are not limited to the following tasks:

(1) Minor home modification includes, but is not limited to:

(a) The installation of safety devices, such as smoke alarms and/or carbon monoxide detectors;

(b) The installation of devices to improve the consumer's ability to perform activities of daily living, if not provided under home medical equipment and supplies service;

(c) Minor interior and/or exterior modification to improve the health and safety of the consumer; and,

(d) Enhanced accessibility modifications, such as ramps and doorways.

(2) Minor home maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

(a) The inspection of furnaces and water heaters;

(b) Plumbing and electrical repairs; and,

(c) The inspection and maintenance of water pumps.

(3) Minor household repair includes, but is not limited to:

(a) The repair or replacement of screens, broken window panes; and,

(b) The replacement and/or installation of electrical fuses.

(D) Eligible providers of MHM services are certified long-term care agency and non-agency providers. Providers must have appropriate licensure, as required, or other appropriate credentials to perform jobs requiring specialized skills, including but not limited to:

(1) Electrical work;

(2) Heating and ventilation; and,

(3) Plumbing work.

(E) Except as otherwise provided below, MHM providers must obtain and furnish evidence of compliance with:

(1) The written consent of the property owner to modify the property. When appropriate, the provider must ensure that the owner understands that the property will be left in the modified state after the consumer vacates the premises.

(2) All permits required by law, including building permits, prior to commencing work on each job order.

(3) Any necessary inspections, inspection reports, and permits required by federal, state and local laws upon completion of each job to verify that the repair, modification or installation was completed. The provider must obtain these inspections, inspection reports, and permits prior to prior to billing for the completed job.

(4) A signed and dated authorization from the consumer's case manager, or case manager's designee, for each job order prior to commencing work.

(F) The provider must:

(1) Inform the consumer and ODA or its designee of any health and/or safety risks expected during the job; and assist the consumer and case manager to coordinate dates and times of work to assure minimal risk of hazard to the consumer.

(2) Furnish a warranty covering workmanship and materials with the final invoice submitted to ODA's designee. ODA and ODA's designee will not pay any invoice that is not accompanied by a warranty.

(3) Assure that any smoke and/or heat detectors authorized to be installed by the provider will be installed only by individuals certified by the state fire marshal in accordance with Chapter 1301:7-7 of the Administrative Code.

(4) Obtain the consumer's or caregiver's signature and date at the close of the job order to certify that the work authorized has been completed, the consumer's property has been left in satisfactory condition, and any incidental damages have been repaired.

(G) In cases where a provider is already in a consumer's home and identifies additional problems that should be fixed immediately, should be fixed in conjunction with the original repair, or could easily be fixed while in the consumer's home, the provider may address the additional problems only if the provider contacts the consumer's case manager or the case manager's designee to explain what the problem is, how it will be fixed, the cost of the additional repair, and obtains authorization to complete the additional work.

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