173-6-01 Introduction and definitions.

(A) Introduction: This chapter establishes criteria for an individual or a provider to participate in the golden buckeye program . The program serves as a gateway to:

(1) Current information on services available from the aging network to support older Ohioans and their families;

(2) Timely information on the issues and changing needs for older Ohioans; and,

(3) Tangible savings and consumer benefits targeted for older Ohioans and Ohioans who are persons with a disability.

(B) Definitions for this chapter:

(1) "Cardholder" means any individual who possesses a golden buckeye card.

(2) "Director" means the director of ODA.

(3) "Golden buckeye program" means the program authorized under section 173.06 of the Revised Code.

(4) "ODA" means "the Ohio department of aging."

(5) "Person with a disability" has the same meaning as in section 173.06 of the Revised Code which defines the term as "a person who has some impairment of body or mind and has been certified as permanently and totally disabled by an agency of this state or the United States having the function of so classifying persons."

(6) "Sign-up site" means an ODA-approved location where an individual may apply for a golden buckeye card. Many senior centers, libraries, and other locations are ODA-approved sign-up sites.

(7) "Vendor" means any of the following:

(a) A recognized professional (e.g., an optician, a painter) who provides a benefit or discount to cardholders regarding services that he or she offers.

(b) A business entity (e.g., merchant, store, retail sales operation) that provides a benefit or discount to cardholders regarding consumer goods and services that it sells.

(c) A governmental entity (e.g., a public pool) that provides a benefit or discount to cardholders regarding goods or services that it provides.

Effective: 03/24/2011
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