173-6-05 Golden buckeye program: business participation agreements.

(A) To begin participating in the golden buckeye program, a business shall complete a business participation agreement ("agreement") onwww.goldenbuckeye.com. and click "submit" to submit the completed agreement to ODA.

(1) To complete the agreement, the business shall provide all the following information: business contact information, indication of whether the business has parking for a person with a disability, forms of payment the business accepts, general business classification (e.g., pet store), benefit or discount to be offered to cardholders, exclusions and limitations, and acknowledgment of the following statements:

"I, the undersigned, on behalf of the above named business, voluntarily enter into this good faith agreement with the Ohio Department of Aging (the department) to honor the Golden Buckeye card (the card) for products and services provided to eligible Ohioans (those age 60 or older and those 18 and older who have total and permanent disabilities). We agree to make no change in the regular price for goods and services before honoring the card."

"We understand that acceptance in the program does not imply an endorsement of our business by the department or Golden Buckeye Program (the program) of our products or services and we will not use Golden Buckeye logos and names to imply such an endorsement."

"We understand that our participation in the program is effective upon approval of this agreement by the department. We also acknowledge that this agreement remains in effect unless canceled in writing by us or by the department and that violation of the above terms may result in automatic removal from the program."

(2) If a business with multiple locations intends to offer uniform benefits or discounts at each location, the business shall complete one agreement to represent all locations.

(3) If a business with multiple locations does not intend to offer uniform benefits or discounts at each location, the business shall complete a separate agreement for each location.

(B) After a business submits an agreement, ODA shall determine if the business may participate in the golden buckeye program. If ODA agrees to allow the business to participate in the program, ODA shall also determine the business's effective date for participating in the program.

(C) A business may revise any information submitted to ODA by submitting a revised agreement.

(D) A business may cancel its participation in the golden buckeye program at any time and for any reason by sending a cancellation to ODA by writing, telephone, orwww.goldenbuckeye.com.

(E) ODA may cancel a business's participation in the golden buckeye program at any time and for any lawful reason. In such a case, ODA shall make the business aware of the cancellation by mailing a written notice to the business.

Replaces: 173-6-05

Effective: 1/1/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 01/01/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 173.01, 173.02, 173.06
Rule Amplifies: 173.06
Prior Effective Dates: 07/03/1980, 12/30/1995, 01/12/2001, 09/12/2002 (Emer.), 12/11/2002, 07/01/2007, 03/24/2011