311-1-02 Prescribed standard uniform: classes and when worn.

(A) The standard uniform prescribed for wear by county sheriffs and their deputies shall consist of the following classes of uniform:

(1) The Class B uniform,

(2) The tactical uniform,

(3) The marine patrol uniform, and

(4) The bicycle patrol uniform.

(B) The Class B uniform shall be the required duty uniform for all sheriffs and sheriffs deputies; except that

(1) The sheriff may authorize wear of the tactical uniform in situations that may subject garments to high levels of soil and rough wear or that are likely to involve intensive physical activity, such as the transfer or supervision of prisoners in jail or in the field, crime scene activities, weight and measure duty, swat assignments, and canine patrol;

(2) The sheriff may authorize wear of the marine patrol uniform or the bicycle patrol uniform for individuals assigned to such duty;

(3) The uniform of the day for special events shall be the uniform prescribed by the sheriff; and

(4) The uniform in court, where practicable, shall be the uniform prescribed by the sheriff.

Eff 12-15-01
Rule promulgated under: RC 111.15
Rule authorized by: RC 311.28
Rule amplifies: RC 311.28
RC 119.032 review dates: DEC 15 2006