311-1-03.2 Class B trousers: construction specifications.

(A) Design:

(1) The Class B trousers shall have a plain front with quarter top pockets, two back pockets, and black stripes on the outer side seams.

(2) The Class B trousers shall be made on a uniform pattern in both male and female measurements.

(B) Pockets

(1) The front pocket opening shall be a minimum of six and one-half inches wide, and six inches deep measured from the bottom of the opening. The pockets shall be stitched, turned, and restitched. The inside front pocket facing shall be a separate piece of matching self material, finishing no less than one and one-quarter inches wide.

(2) The back pockets shall be minimum of five and one-half inches wide, and six inches deep. The left back pocket shall have a tab to button.

(3) The pockets shall be made with a Reese PW automatic machine or equivalent, and be finished on the outside with an exposed top and bottom cord. Each front pocket shall be bartacked at the bottom of the opening. Each back pocket shall be bartacked at the two corners.

(4) Pocketing: All pocketing shall be made of black, seventy-five per cent polyester and twenty-five per cent cotton blend fabric, with a minimum thread count of ninety by fifty-six. The weight shall be 3.0 yards per pound. All pocketing shall have a durable press finish.

(C) Side stripes shall be made of one-inch wide black woven material sewn into the outer side seam of each trouser leg, extending from the waistband to the bottom of the leg.

(D) Waistband

(1) The waistband shall be two inches wide with a crush-proof hook for closure. The eye shall be bartacked for stability.

(2) The waistband curtain, attached with a Rocap machine, shall be made of black, seventy-five per cent polyester and twenty-five per cent cotton fabric, shall contain Ban-Roll or equivalent material to prevent rollover, and shall have three strands of Snugtex or equivalent material for slip control. The waistband curtain shall be a minimum of three-quarters of an inch wide and extend from hip to hip across the back.

(3) To simplify alterations, the waistband shall have a Browne waistband outlet, allowing at least two inches additional waist measurement.

(4) The waistband shall be set on and shall be stitched below the lower edge through the outer fabric and waistband curtain.

(E) Inside trim

(1) The right fly and crotch linings shall be black, and made of the same fabric as the waistband curtain. The right fly lining shall be sewn to the left fly below the zipper. The crotch lining shall be serged to each front.

(2) A separate french fly, made of the outer fabric, shall be sewn to the inside right fly.

(F) Belt loops

(1) A minimum of five belt loops shall be attached to male sizes 28, 29, and 30, and all female sizes. A minimum of seven belt loops are required on male sizes over 30.

(2) Each belt loop is to be three-quarters of an inch wide, of double thickness, and stitched on the face side with a two needle machine. The belt loops shall be long enough to accomodate a belt one and five-eighths inches wide.

(3) The rear center belt loop shall be tacked on for easy removal during alterations. All other loops shall be sewn into the bottom of the waistband.

(G) Zipper

(1) The trousers shall close with a brass memory lock zipper. The zipper shall have a brass bottom stop at the base of the zipper chain.

(2) A straight bartack shall be sewn through from the outside of the garment to the inside at the bottom of the fly. The bartack shall be sewn through the zipper tape, the right and left fly and the right fly lining. The right and left fly shall be joined by a bartack located below the bottom zipper stop on the inside of the trouser.

(H) Leg creases: The inside pressed trouser creases, both front and back, shall have a thin silicone bead imbedded within the creases, applied by the Lintrak or Crease-set systems, to ensure permanent creases.

(I) Thread: The entire trouser is to be seamed with polyester core, cotton wrapped thread. The seat seam shall be stitched with a tandem needle seat seaming machine for extra strength.

(J) Labels:

(1) The label of the county sheriffs' standard car-marking and uniform commission must be affixed permanently to the right inside of the waistband.

(2) A label giving care instructions shall be sewn inside the waistband.

(3) A permanent size label shall be sewn inside the right hip pocket.

(4) A temporary label shall be attached to the outside of the waistband giving the lot number, size, fiber content and WPL number.

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