311-1-03.3 Class B shirt: Fabric specifications.

(A) Weave and content: 100 percent synthetic, tropical weave in a blend of sixty-five per cent dacron polyester and thirty-five per cent lenzing rayon or one hundred per texturized polyester poplin weave fabric. Shirts made of one hundred per cent polyester fabric are not recommended for wear by patrol officers

(B) The tropical dacron polyester/rayon fabric shall conform to the following fabric specifications.

(1.) Weight: 5.85 ounces per square yard.

(2.) Tropical weave.

(3.) Color: Black.

(4.) Manufactured by delta mills style #9270 or equivalent.

(C) The one hundred per cent polyester shirts shall conform to the following fabric specifications

(1) Content: 100 percent texturized polyester.

(2) Color: Black.

(3) Manufactures by millikin style #7430, Klopman style #4013 or equivalent.

(4) Poplin weave.

(5) Weight 5.5 to 6 ounces per square yard.

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