Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-03.4 Class B shirt: Construction specifications.

311-1-03.4 Class B shirt: Construction specifications.

(A) There shall be a long-sleeve and short-sleeve Class B shirt. The construction specifications of this rule apply to both shirts, except as specifically noted.

(B) Style: The shirt shall be a form fitting, coat style shirt with a plain front. It shall have two pleated breast pockets with scalloped flaps, and shoulder straps. The matching inside yoke and collar band shall be lined with high luster one hundred per cent dacron polyester, poplin weave.

(1) The sleeves of the long-sleeve shirt shall have barrel cuffs.

(2) The short-sleeve shirt shall have hemmed sleeves approximately nine inches long, a full tail, and a convertible collar.

(C) Collars:

(1) Long-sleeve shirt:

(a) The collar points shall be three inches long with sewn-in permanent stays. The collar height at the rear shall be one and one-half inches. The collar shall be top stitched one-quarter inch off the edge.

(b) The collar stand shall be one and five-sixteenths inches at the rear. The band shall be die cut and interlined with dacron (#250 in the collar, #300 in the band). The collar band shall be high luster one hundred per cent dacron polyester in a poplin weave.

(2) Short-sleeve shirt:

(a) The collar shall be a one-piece convertible collar measuring three inches long at the points.

(b) The collar shall be lined and top stitched one-quarter inch off the edge.

(c) The collar shall have permanent sewn-in stays.

(D) Shirtfront

(1) The left shirtfront shall have a top center one and one-half inches wide, with two rows of stitches seven-eighths inch apart. The stitching on the top center is not to be visible on the turn-back facing.

(2) The top center front shall be interlined with #550 Mello-Press or an equivalent lining material. The fronts shall be joined to the yoke so that both raw edges of the yoke are turned under, with the front sandwiched between, and all three stitched down with a one-sixteenth inch raised stitch. Safety stitch joining is unacceptable. The front closure shall be a fifteen inch black nylon zipper, set below the second button and buttonhole.

(3) The shirtfront shall have seven buttons and buttonholes. The top, second, and bottom buttons shall be attached to the right front; the remaining buttons shall be sewn over the buttonholes on the left front.

(a) The spacing between the buttons shall be three and one-half inches, except that on the long-sleeve shirt the spacing between the neck button and the first button shall be three and one-quarter inches.

(b) The short-sleeve shirt shall have a reinforcing strip inside the pocket flaps, yokes, and right shirtfront to provide support for gilt metal buttons.

(E) Shoulder straps

(1) Shoulder straps shall measure two inches at the sleeve heads, tapering to one and five-eighths inches at the ends. The ends shall be pointed, seven-eighths inch. The length of the straps shall be graduated to conform to the size of the shirt. The straps shall be stitched to the shoulders by single-needle machine, with the lines of the stitching forming an "X".

(2) Gilt buttons shall be attached to the shirt yokes to match the buttonholes in the pointed ends of the shoulder straps.

(F) Badge piece: The shirt shall have two small, reinforced, open, horizontal buttonholes, centered vertically on the left pocket flap and one and one-fourth inches apart. The top buttonhole shall be placed below the top of the flap.

(G) Breast pockets

(1) Each pocket shall be six inches deep by five and one-eighths inches wide with mitered corners, box pleats one and one-half inch wide that are stitched to prevent spreading, a one-half inch hem, and buttons that match the buttonholes on the pocket flaps.

(2) The left pocket shall have a pencil compartment one and one-half inches wide, which is stitched down to the bottom of the pocket.

(3) The right pocket shall have black velcro tape one inch long by three-eighths inch wide positioned on both edges of the pocket to secure the outer points of the pocket flap.

(H) Pocket flaps

(1) The pocket flaps shall be of a deep scalloped design measuring five and seven-eighths inches across by two and three-fourths inches deep at the center point of the flap, and two and one-fourth inches deep at the sides of the flap. The flaps shall be secured to the shirtfront approximately one-quarter inch above the pocket.

(2) Both flaps shall be interlined with Mello-Press #550.

(3) The left flap shall have an invisible pencil opening one and one-half inch wide, corresponding precisely with the pencil slot of the pocket.

(4) The left flap shall be sewn shut.

(5) The underside of the right flap shall have black velcro tape approximately three-fourths inch long by one-half inch wide positioned on the outer points of the right pocket flap to secure the flap.

(I) Yokes: The shirt shall have a two-piece yoke. The outside yoke shall have small buttons topstitched under the buttonholes in the shoulder straps.

(J) Sleeves

(1) Long sleeves shall be cut straight and whole, with a sleeve vent five and one-half inches long. The lower facing of the vent shall be approximately one-half inch wide. The cuff shall be three inches wide, with rounded corners. The cuff shall have two buttons with corresponding buttonholes. The sleeve facing of the vent shall have one button and corresponding buttonhole.

(2) Short sleeves shall be cut straight and whole, with a three-fourths inch hem. The length of the sleeve shall be approximately nine to nine and one-fourth inches, measured from the shoulder seam to the hem.

(K) Stitching: The shirt shall have single needle stitching throughout. All topstitching shall be placed one-quarter inch off the edge. The sleeve inserting and side close felling shall be safety-stitched.

(L) Buttons:

(1) Long-sleeve shirt:

(a) The buttons shall be first grade 19 ligne pearlescent black plastic;

(b) The shirt shall have eyelets under and protective pieces inside the shoulders and the cuffs to accommodate removable metal buttons.

(2) The short-sleeve shirt shall have gilt metal, removable buttons.

(M) Military creases: There shall be five silicone military creases on all shirts. The shirtfront shall have two creases centered vertically through the pockets and pocket flaps. The shirt back shall have three military creases, evenly spaced in proportion to the size of the shirt as follows:

(1) Creases on shirts with collar sizes 14 to 15-1/2 shall be four and three-fourths inches apart, as measured from the center crease;

(2) Creases on shirts with collar sizes 16 to 18, inclusive, shall be five and three-eighths inches apart, as measured from the center crease.

(N) Thread: All sewing threads shall be colorfast, black polyester core wrapped in black cotton.

(O) Nameplate piece: The shirt shall have two small, closed, horizontal buttonholes, spaced one and one-fourth inches apart horizontally and centered one inch above the left pocket flap.

(P) Cutting: Collars, pockets, shoulder straps and flaps shall be die cut to ensure uniformity.

(Q) Shoulder sleeve emblem: The shoulder sleeve emblem prescribed by rule 311-1-15 of the Administrative Code shall be sewn on both sleeves, approximately one and one-half inches below the shoulder seam.

(R) Care instructions: Instructions for proper wear and care shall be sewn into the collar of shirt.

(S) Label: The label of the county sheriffs' standard car-marking and uniform commission must be permanently affixed to the underside of the right front breast pocket.

(U) The Class B shirt shall be offered in both male and female patterns, in all sizes needed to properly fit all authorized personnel.

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