311-1-04.1 Tactical trousers and shirts: fabric specifications.

(A) Mill: Propper International #400 black, Klopman Mills indestructible twill, Galey and Lord Dauntless #1256, or equivalent.

(B) Content and weave: A blend of sixty-five per cent polyester and thirty-five per cent combed cotton in a twill weave.

(C) Weight: 6.3 or 7.25 ounces per square yard.

(D) Finish: Pre-cured permanent press, wrinkle and shrink resistant (nylon rip-stop yarns are desireable but not required).

(E) Tensile strength: one hundred twenty pounds warp, one hundred pounds fill.

(F) Tear strength: eight pounds warp and fill.

(G) Construction: eighty-eight warp by fifty filling yarns per square inch.

(H) Color: At the discretion of the sheriff.

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