311-1-04.3 Tactical shirt: Construction specifications.

(A) There shall be a long-sleeve and short-sleeve tactical shirt. The construction specifications of this rule shall apply to both shirts, except as specifically noted.

(B) Style: The tactical shirt shall be a full cut, plain front, coat style shirt with shoulder straps and two bellows breast pockets with mitered flaps;

(1) Long sleeves shall have barrel cuffs,

(2) The short sleeve shirt shall have hemmed sleeves that are approximately nine inches long measured from the center of the shoulder seam.

(C) Collar:

(1) The collar points shall be three inches long with sewn-in permanent collar stays;

(2) The collar height at the rear shall be one and one-half inches;

(3) The collar shall have topstitching one-quarter inch off the edge of the collar;

(4) The collar stand shall be one and five-eighths inches at rear, and the band shall be die cut and interlined.

(D) Shirtfront:

(1) The shirt shall have either a plain front or a one and one-half inch wide placket front;

(2) The shirtfront shall have seven black buttons and corresponding button holes;

(3) The shirtfront shall have permanent creases.

(E) Shoulder straps:

(1) The shoulder straps shall measure one and three-fourths to two inches wide at the sleeve head, tapering to one and one-half to one and five-eighths inches at the ends. The ends shall be pointed. The length of the straps shall be graduated to conform to the size of shirt. The straps shall be single-needle stitched to the shoulders, with the lines of the stitching forming an "X";

(2) Black buttons shall be attached to the yoke, to correspond to the buttonholes in the pointed ends of the shoulder straps.

(F) Badge piece: The shirt shall have two small, reinforced, open, verticle buttonholes spaced one and one-fourth inches apart, and centered vertically two inches above the left breast pocket flap.

(G) Pockets: The shirt shall have two pockets, measuring five inches wide and six and one-fourth inches long from the bottom of the pocket to top of flap, having one inch mitered corners, black buttons, and corresponding buttonholes.

(H) Pocket flaps shall be five and one-fourth inches long and two inches wide, with the lower corners mitered one inch; black buttons shall be centered three-fourths inch from bottom of flap.

(I) Yokes: The shirt shall have a two piece yoke, three and one-fourth inches deep measured from the bottom of the shirt collar.

(J) Cuff and vents: The cuff of the long-sleeve shirt shall be two and three-eights inches wide with one black button; the sleeve vent shall be five inches.

(K) Stitching:

(1) The shirt shall have single needle stitching throughout, with all topstitching one-quarter inch off the edge;

(2) The sleeve insert and side close felling shall be safety-stitched.

(3) The thread shall be black, polyester core wrapped in cotton.

(L) Buttons shall be 19 ligne pearlescent black plastic.

(M) A care label shall be permanently sewn into the shirttail.

(N) Mill: Propper International - long sleeve 13235 black, short sleeve 13230 black; Blauer Streetgear - long sleeve 8701, short sleeve 8711; Fechheimer Command Wear - long sleeve 35R5810, short sleeve 85R5810; or equivalent designs constructed from the fabric prescribed in rule 311-1-04.1 of the Administrative Code.

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