Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-06.1 Bike patrol knit shirt: Specifications.

311-1-06.1 Bike patrol knit shirt: Specifications.

(A) Fabric: Plaited Lacoste knit, in a blend of sixty-five per cent dacron Coolmax and thirty-five per cent polyester, or a bi-layer Lacoste knit with a Coolmax inner layer and cotton outer layer; weight: 5.5 oz. per square yard.

(B) Color: Black.

(C) Style: The bike patrol uniform shirt shall be a form-fitting coat style shirt with extra long square tails, a convertible collar, two pleated breast pockets with scalloped flaps, shoulder straps, a double yoked back, and a seven button front. The shirt shall have permanent military creases, two in front and three in back. A hidden zipper front is optional.

(D) Badge piece: The shirt shall have a two ply sling, one inch wide, made of self material, centered over the left pocket, and stitched to the shoulder seam with two buttonhole eyelets.

(E) Sources: Flying Cross, Fechheimer #85 R7010 black, or equivalent designs.

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