Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-06.6 Bike patrol accessories.

311-1-06.6 Bike patrol accessories.

(A) The bike patrol helmet shall conform to the following specifications:

(1) The helmet shall be white with the word "SHERIFF" in black lettering on each side.

(2) The helmet shall be a double micro-shell design with eight air flow ventilation holes. It shall exceed ANSI Z 90.4 and Snell B90 standards. The helmet may be a Tuxall ABIH/WHT or equivalent design.

(B) The sheriff may authorize shoes specifically designed for bicycling. Such shoes shall conform to the following specifications:

(1) The shoes shall have black uppers with nonslip soles and heels;

(2) Features: The shoes shall be constructed of leather or leather and Cordura nylon, with a steel shank. The shoes may be Magnum Hi-Tec, Weinbrenner bike shoes, or equivalent styles.

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